A professional headshot shows you as confident but approachable and is the image you want to present no matter what the occasion. Your image speaks for you and about you. It is you, your persona, your brand, and it's my job to create the best image of you on your best day so people look forward to meeting and working with you.


I understand it can be daunting to be in front of the camera. But I also know having a professional image is important. It reflects your personality and an implicit level of trustworthiness, especially to new people as well as current friends and peers. When creating your headshots I have the advantage of meeting you for the first time, without any preconceived ideas of who you are. I create headshots that reflect your personality, your professionalism, your level of confidence, and your approachability. I work with you to get you comfortable in front of my lens and create professional images showcasing you, your image, and your brand. I welcome the chance to create new images that not only compliment who you are but also give you the edge toward professional and personal success. Contact me to discuss your needs and how we can create great headshots for you.


Behind the Scenes with Junmo Lee Photography